Social Media for Authors: How to Get Help

Ask any writer  what their life is like and they’ll tell you it’s not easy.  In the next breath they’ll tell you that they can’t imagine doing anything else.  It’s a rock, a hard place and a crevice all at the same time, but when writing goes well, an author will also tell you that there’s no feeling like it in the world.

However, actually writing the book is a small part of the whole exercise these days. Gone are the days of guaranteed launch parties, book signings and sitting on panels. In fact, many authors get none of those things unless they arrange it themselves.  In fact, many publishers don’t even DO those things for their writers any more, unless you’re Marian Keyes. (Love you Marian!)

Many authors are now in the position of beavering away at their book, but not finding time to keep their profile up there alongside the competition. Landing a book deal suddenly means you need a Facebook page, a Twitter account, preferably a blog, contacts galore, an Amazon page, a Goodreads account and engagement with readers. And that’s just for starters.

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If any of this is making you want to head butt your key board, then worry no more. This is where I come in. By handing over your social media to me, I can ensure that you increase engagement, keep your profile high, and get more people knowing your name, your book titles, and leaving you reviews. All this can be going on whilst you get on with your book.

Did I mention I’m a Netgalley Reviewer, a Goodreads member and reviewer, an Amazon Top 1000 reviewer and a Vine Voice? Did I mention I love books? No? Well it all helps my authors. Drop me a line and find out how I can free your time up so you can write that bestseller.

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