Two easy reasons why Twitter is an essential tool for business growth

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I’ve heard people say Twitter is on its way out.  I’ve heard people say that user numbers are dropping.  I’ve heard people say they prefer Instagram.  So why do I think Twitter is an essential tool for your business?  One word: engagement. Okay, two more words: brand recognition.   Not all social media has to be about sales.  Twitter is about getting your name out there and linking into other people’s valuable banks of followers.

Engagement, warmth and cosy feelings

Engagement is Twitter’s superpower.  There are users out there  with whom you can have friendly conversations with and who may be completely unrelated to your industry.  You would never get to meet in your day to day walk of life, but you may find common ground upon which you agree.

twitter simpressions saThis is not a waste of time, but a way of getting your name into people’s heads even if you’re just agreeing that dark chocolate is better than plain, or that, yes someone  famous dying IS very sad.   You will benefit from this by either increasing your number of followers, (makes you look popular) or getting a potential future customer (makes you money), or getting something you’ve said retweeted by your new chocolate fan friend, who may have thousands more followers than you (brand recognition).  It’s a win/win situation.

Just one word of advice- stay away from politics, religion and football teams.

Brand Recognition: “I’ve heard of them. They must be doing well.”

Brand recognition is vital when customers are choosing between you and a competitor. For example, if I asked you to choose a bank you’d never used before, would you  choose Barclays, Lloyds or  New World Banking?  Probably one of the two you’ve heard of, even if you knew nothing about their quality or customer service.

headshot 2018When I’m wearing my blogging hat, just one perfume blog post on Twitter can have a reach of 1,200 in just a two hour slot.   That’s 1,200 people who have seen the name of my blog even if they didn’t read it.  I’ll be the name they’ll recognise in future, and that makes me look established and popular, and who doesn’t want that?

Those are just two of the reasons I love Twitter.  If that sounds like a lot of work, just hand it all over to me.  After all, it’s my job to run your social media, whilst you get on with running your business.

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